AEON™ Enhanced Laminate

AEON™ Enhanced Performance delivers a product with unique wear characteristics without compromising design flexibility. From satin to high-gloss, timber grain to quarry, there is a colour or finish to suit most applications, whether it be residential or commercial. 

The engineering process for AEON™ takes more time and is more expensive to produce, however, the end result is a material that is measurably harder and stronger. Two sizes of aluminium particle in the surface coat of the laminate provides a surface that is 3 – 5 times more durable than standard laminate, whereby objects seem to glide across the surface as if they were on ball bearings. 

The unique strength and wear resistance of AEON™ Enhanced Performance Laminate sees it being used in high-wear areas for both horizontal and vertical applications. 

Backed with a 7 year limited warranty, AEON™ Enhanced Performance is made only by Wilsonart® and is only available in Wilsonart® Laminates.